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How to #ModGov

ModGov Hash Tag Originally uploaded by ericaamerica08 On Thursday, January 14, 2010, The White House convened the forum on Modernizing Government. They are off to the right start after taking the advice of Craig Newmark, creator of, to make funnel all talk of the forums around the hash tag #modgov. White House Blogger, Jesse… Let's Collaborate

Helen Thomas on San Francisco Chronicle Originally uploaded by ericaamerica08 Every week the online news team at the San Francisco Chronicle publishes Helen Thomas’s weekly column. The Chronicle, or, is part of Hearst News Corporation, who Helen works for. Today I decided to email one of the Politics Blog writers, Mr. Michael Collier. The reason?…

Web 2.0 Managed News?

Two things. First, I am reading a book.  For those political media junkies, it’s “The Boys on the Bus,” by Rolling Stone journalist, Timothy Crouse. Crouse, at the time, who was barely old enough to drink, got the assignment of a lifetime to cover the 1972 Nixon | McGovern campaign. As I look at the…

Helen Thomas to the President: Go Down In Flames for the Public Option

Just Released – Unedited, unfiltered interview with Helen Thomas about the health care debate. With more than 60 years of White House experience, Thomas dissects the interests against a “public option” in the health care debate: “Profiteering,” “Misinformation” and an “atmosphere of hate.” This interview was recorded on Wednesday, August 19, 2009. [youtube][/youtube]

Hunger Strike: Day 26

It was day 26 of the hunger strike at the White House and I decided last night to keep it up and go again. I talked to some young people this time about why they are involved. While I have frequently been asked by the organizers if I “support their cause,” (probably because I have…