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How to #ModGov

ModGov Hash Tag

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On Thursday, January 14, 2010, The White House convened the forum on Modernizing Government. They are off to the right start after taking the advice of Craig Newmark, creator of, to make funnel all talk of the forums around the hash tag #modgov.

White House Blogger, Jesse Lee, wrote about it here, which includes a list of the the five break out sessions, the guest list (from CEOs to Labor representatives), and a link to their LIVE White House streaming channel. On the most fundamental level, the forum really (publicly) initiated a converastion about what it means to modernize government operations to increase productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. As I mentioned, the full guest list is linked above, but as a quick idea, the CEOs of Adobe, United Airlines, Facebook, Yelp, Staples, Cargill and Time Warner were all there.

Here is a video of the opening session with President Obama.

And for everyone interested in the full breakout sessions, feel free to watch them here.
  • Transforming Customer Service 1: Video recap. (Also worth noting, you can download each video as a mp4 or mp3).
  • Transforming Customer Service 2: Video recap.
  • Transforming Streamlining Operations 1: Video recap.
  • Transforming Streamlining Operations 2: Video recap.
  • Maximizing Technology Return on Investment: Video recap.

This Week on The Hill: Twitter

We all know by now what a magnifying impact Twitter, the micro blogging sensation, has had on politics. Capitol Hill is no exception. Here are some key highlights from the week of Twitter on the Hill.

Trending Topics this week, according to Tweet Congress, a web site dedicated to  tracking tweets from Members of Congress, include: #haiti, #morejobs, #hcr and #tcot. (TCOT = top conservatives on Twitter). Remember, hash tags are tools that help you to follow a conversation. So if a user uses #hrc in their 140 character update, it will funnel into a conversation thread with more #hcr.

Some interesting hash tags I found from Republicans include #repealit and #KilltheBill, no doubt in reference to health care. From the Democrats, at least this week, I found less Twitter output.  Their hashtags revolved around #haiti, #hcr and personal state hash tags such as #MO for Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO). It seems Republicans are finding more creative uses of hashtags, a smart and effective way of targeting messages…at least at this moment.

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