Erica AndersonErica Anderson is a recognized leader at the intersection of media and technology. Her work at Twitter Inc., CBS News and MTV News have accelerated her understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing media and technology companies as they both adopt similar traits in the pursuit of informing, entertaining and engaging growing, yet fractured audiences.

Erica has sought tactical experiences in product, partnerships and journalism to build a dynamic, unparalleled perspective on the future of digital media content and programming. Erica’s strong business acumen combined with a deep understanding of the media landscape makes her a rare talent in the digital media landscape.

Erica joined Twitter Inc. in 2011, becoming Twitter’s fourth Media team hire. She built a reputation as a leader with the ability to design partnerships and deals that created mutual value for Twitter, media organizations and startups. She worked across partnerships, business development, communications and marketing to bring lasting value to Twitter.

Before Twitter, Erica worked as a strategic consultant to CBS News and Katie Couric; supporting Couric’s early ascent into social media by building strategies and programs to support Couric’s passion for bringing the best of traditional media into the new landscape.

Prior to this, Erica had the privilege of covering the 2008 Presidential election for MTV News. Erica was chosen to be the network’s Washington, D.C. citizen journalist, responsible for shooting, producing and marketing weekly news stories to the millennial audience. It was a tremendous experience that allowed her to actualize the practice of using digital tools and strategies to engage consumers on their terms.

Erica grew up in Valparaiso, Indiana and considers herself lucky to have lived in some great American cities: Washington, D.C., New York City and San Francisco.