When I applied to MTV New’s Street Team ’08 a lightbulb went on. “I’ll create a brand called EricaAmerica.” It stuck.

This site captures an incredibly fun time in my life – my early 20s, and is filled with citizen journalism reports as I pounded the pavement for MTV News. It also includes my ideas and observations about the future of journalism and some amazing experiences along the way.

Here are some of my favorite posts:

In 2010 CBS News hired me to expand Katie Couric’s use of social media. Being at CBS News at that time was a mind-blowingly interesting and valuable experience. In 2011, I was recruited by Twitter and moved to San Francisco. From there, I led the fledgling news partnerships efforts. Aside from managing our news partners, I did some projects I’m extremely proud of, including designing and building the strategy for Dataminr for News. I always felt Twitter was “the new wire” and working closely with Dataminr I was able to materialize this vision into a product for the news marketplace.

I currently work with Twitter’s product team, pairing closely with PMs and creating  and executing launch strategies. I’m still ever passionate about our role in news and free expression.

Find me on Twitter @EricaAmerica or on LinkedIN.