Katie Couric's Social Media Path

About a month ago, I connected Katie Couric and Brian Solis for a conversation about Katie’s push into new media which started in 2008. What ensued was a discussion about the challenges, the opportunities and the areas of exploration they both think about when it comes to the convergence of “new” and “old” media. What I like to call – present media.

I hope you enjoy – and as always I can’t wait to hear your ideas and feedback.

Social Media and Real-Time Journalism

“I miss that…kind of connection, that engagement that I had with viewers at NBC. And in a way I feel like I’m revitalizing that through social media.”


Fact-First Journalism and Digital Identity

“There still has to be some of the standards that traditional media…that we have followed through the years. I want them to live on. We can’t let accuracy become a casualty of immediacy.”


Privacy and Personal Branding

“For me anyway, (social media) has to be a reflection of my authentic self.”


**In the third clip at the 9-minute mark, you will hear Katie talk about me. At CBS News, I work with Katie Couric’s team on her webshow (@katiecouric), her social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) and with the CBS Evening News team.

Thanks to these folks for linking to the interview:

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