#Election2010 at CBS News

Today is going to be jam packed with projections, analysis and lots of new realizations of new political careers and the closure for so many others. I’m going to be a fly on the wall, sharing the best content, links and ideas coming from the team of reporters, analysts and political scientists.

I’ve been at CBS News for less than a year but it certainly feels longer. Looking around at the storied history of the network and reading books about the birth of broadcasting is the least I can do, I figure, to pay homage to those pioneers before me. The greatest in radio (Edward Murrow) TV (Walter Cronkite) and hopefully next up, CBS will be a place for the next generation of journalists who gravitate to the multi medium beat with a focus on web and mobile first.

Today on election day it’s my simple goal to do this: be an intelligent filter of news and information for you. One that doesn’t inundate and overwhelm but instead takes time to listen, hear what you find valuable (text, audio, video? Polls, analysis, chatter?) and funnel it to you so they in some way, you feel more informed about the political process.

So with that I’m off to do my first set of check ins with the news team. The coverage will be led by Katie Couric (@katiecouric on Twitter), our CBSNewsOnline YouTube channel (wall-to-wall livestreaming of our broadcasts) and our blog, Political Hotsheet.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in. These days only come every two years!

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