DC to NYC: My DIY Experience

Look no further for evidence of my interest in experiencing the economy first hand than my weekend DIY trip from DC to my new home in NYC.

I decided it was an experience I needed to have: rent a UHAUL, drive to Manhattan and unload it all into my new place. But it was a group of strangers that made the experience and helped me feel connected to this country I call home – a place I work to understand on a deeper level every day.

First there was Pierre, a UHAUL representative who finalized my reservation over the phone when I hit a wall with the website. Regardless of his friendly disposition, Pierre ended up misleading me to believe I could dump the UHAUL at any of the after hour locations in NYC. (There are none, and like other big companies with thousands of employees and a seemingly disorganized call center, I later got the run around when I really just needed help). But that was really, the only unpleasant experience. Because next, there was Greg.

Greg was a 20-something-year-old. Toothpick thin but strong beyond belief, he met me at my new place to unload the truck. Greg was one of the 35 men who answered my Craigslist ad, (all within minutes), to unload my truck. I say look no further for evidence of how bad the economy is than the volume of people hawking the ‘Gigs Offered’ vertical of CL, offering time for dirt cheap. I only answered the people who offered resumes and/or references, and Greg, a guy my age who had to take a break from college, which I assume was financial-related, was my first choice.

And while Pierre and Greg were the bookends of the trip, the constant that got me through was Liz, a friend of a friend who just so happened to also be in route from DC to NYC the same day. She didn’t miss a beat when I asked her to tag along and acted as a voice of confidence and support as I navigated the wily interstates of the east coast with a cargo van full of items I love.

So now here I am, on a crowded subway heading from the Bronx to midtown west to get my fourth week at CBS News started. I had to drop the van off at the Bronx locale, which amazingly, was no problem at all. Who knows what the next days and months will hold in my new city. But one thing is for sure, there are many new people like Greg I can’t wait to meet to learn a little more about it.

Onward and upward…and a DIY move, while a great experience, I hope never again! 🙂

Erica Anderson
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