Who is the "Tea Party?" – My Tax Day Video

Who is the “Tea Party?”

A college student. A coal miner.

Check this out video from Tax Day, where I shadowed supporters of the “Tea Party,” (which was initiated by Freedom Works), and were out engaging the government about what’s going on in their lives.


As a side note, finally! I am back. As a video journalist, that is. It was a long journey to transition and upgrade all my gear. I’m happy to report that I have officially gone from a Panasonic Mini DV cam (MTV vids), to a Flip Cam (CNN iReport vids) to a Canon Vixia and a Kodak Zi8 Pocket, which are both HD quality. In this video, you’ll notice some imperfections, in part due to experimenting with different file formats. That’s OK though. No one is expecting technical perfection – I think we all get at this point, it’s all about creating content that is raw, unfiltered and authentic…and in some way makes you feel like by watching it you are closer to a truth you had not considered.

As for my editing gear, I also transitioned to a MacBook Pro and Final Cut Express. I won’t bore you with the details, but it was a dramatic, drawn out process getting the Canon Vixia HD filed (AVCHD .MTS) ready to go into Final Cut. In fact there’s no easy way, it requires tons of conversion and compression. That’s what video editing is all about. Tedious, challenging problems that require solutions. Over and over. Thanks to @AnthonyFears, who suggested I use HandBrake, an excellent converter that made my life so much easier and got these old clips ready to produce.

6 thoughts on “Who is the "Tea Party?" – My Tax Day Video

  1. Evan Summers

    First off, this is your best vid yet! I’m digging the new equipment. I’m not exaggerating when I say I got chills at the end.

    I’m not going to go into the politicos on this one, you know where I stand. I just get a little concerned when you say you are trying to mediate the conversation between big government and average citizens. I don’t see these people as average; they aren’t like any of the people I associate with so that means one of two things: You are calling me something other than average or these people aren’t average.

    Also, I don’t think the government is too big. It’s too inefficient. Size and efficiency are two very different things.

  2. Evan Summers

    Also, now that you are overhauling your EricaAmerica life. Can we get a bigger text box down here to type in? I feel claustrophobic.

    It’s not that I’m high maintenance, it’s that I have no filter.

  3. Nate Godfrey

    Nice vid. Tea Party talk always gets my blood boiling!

    Anyway, in repsonse to Evan’s comments, you make an exceptional point about the size and efficiency of gov’t but you lost me at “…they aren’t like any of the people I associate with…”. Come on man, don’t be a snob. Leave a city, go somewhere that doesn’t serve a champagne brunch, and see what the rest of America looks like. Maybe I’m making my own set of assumptions here, but there are 50 states and not everyone has a high horse to sit on in a thriving metropolitan environment.

    This is something the Tea Partiers know too well and the thing in which they are, unfortunately, taking full advantage.

  4. Evan Summers

    Touché. Poor choice of words. While I am in the city now, deep down I’m still an Indiana boy.

    There is a lot going on in this movement but I truly believe they are the exception rather than the norm.

  5. Aram ZS


    It was good to see you again this morning.

    The video looks great. It isn’t often that anyone portrays the Tea Party folks as real people, whatever one thinks of them.

    I feel your pain, I’m recording with the Flip Ultra HD now and I’ve no idea how to edit the video using any decent tools, it just won’t deal with the dimensions of the video properly in Adobe Premiere and it doesn’t work at all in Final Cut. :/ Now I seem to only be able to do basic cutting and pasting together of video using Windows Movie Maker.


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