Big Ideas Big Action: Capital Ideation

Thanks to Peter Corbett of iStartegy Labs, Goldy Kamali of FedScoop, and the other hosts, sponsors and participants at Big Ideas Big Action (BIBA). The conference was filled with people from the private and public sectors, non profits, academic institutions — and entrepreneurs who spanned across each. They key to the program was coming up with the next BIG ideas – ones that can provide social, economic or cultural good.

The political, technological and economic shifts in the last two years have made Washington, D.C. a hub of idea generation and industry change. Look no further than Nigel Ballard, Director of Federal Marketing at Intel, who made the trip from Portland, Oregon, to talk at the BIBA conference.

Big Ideas Big Action Conference D.C. from Erica America on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Big Ideas Big Action: Capital Ideation

  1. Susannah Fox

    My favorite preso was by Andy Carvin, talking about CrisisCamp: people used existing resources + social media tools to truthsquad 9/11 rumors, report from the aftermath of Katrina, and create an openstreetmap for rescue workers in Haiti.

    My big idea: Create a crisis toolbox for people who are newly diagnosed. Experienced patients & caregivers & providers can donate information + skills to catalyze offline action – and maybe better health outcomes.

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