Helen Thomas and Craig Crawford at the Smithsonian

Yesterday I went to the American History Museum – which just re-opened after nearly three years of construction, to say hello to Helen Thomas and  Craig Crawford. The two co-authors of “Listen Up, Mr. President” have been on a joint book touring for the past few months. (See my Flickr photos of the event and Craig Crawford’s Twitter feed here).

I talked to Helen for a few minutes and it was clear her mind was on the White House news that morning. Just hours before, two former Presidents, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, made a joint appearance to help the devastated people of Haiti and announced the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund. Here is the PSA on WhiteHouse.gov.

++ Final References ++

“Listen Up, Mr. President,” is Helen’s fifth book. Her roster includes:

Listen Up, Mr. President (October 2009)
The Great White House Breakout – A children’s book. (July 2008)
Watchdogs of Democracy (June 2006)
Thanks for the Memories, Mr. President (March 2003)
Front Row at The White House (August 1999)

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