Goodbye, K Street. Hello, Journalism.

This is my second to last day at Spectrum. I am leaving with a six-month nest egg, two job leads and one burning desire to stitch journalism up – from the inside.

A few of my trusted confidants, including my Dad and Helen Thomas, advised me throughout 2009 to stick with my day job and ride the recession out. Well, I took that advice, and as a result spent twelve months packing away knowledge and pennies, creating digital case studies for my portfolio and simultaneously starting the process of graduating my brand from “EricaAmerica Citizen Journalist” to “Erica Anderson, Network Producer/Reporter.

I have a driving instinct that now it’s time to put 100 percent into this ambition to help rebuild what I believe to be the most important industries to the health of our imperfect nation – journalism.

So stay tuned for what’s next; who I target and who I meet with, how I used social media to land opportunities and what the outcome will be.

One thing is for sure, now, more than ever, it is time to step into the fray and make the future happen.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye, K Street. Hello, Journalism.

  1. Kate

    While I appreciate your mentors’ advice, there comes a time when you just can’t do both – and do both WELL.

    I’m thrilled that you’ve decided to throw yourself into the experiment 100%. It’s the only way to truly try it out – with no regrets – and see just how successful you will be!

    And I’m here to offer whatever I can, whenever you need it.



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