4 thoughts on “Federal Government: Turn it Off

  1. Ryan Scott

    Would have been interesting to talk to a few people in there at the front desk, or maybe security about why all the lights are on at night.

    Who knows, maybe you could fix the problem.

  2. Jim

    This looks like the FAA building on Independence. The DOT building is now in SE near the Navy Yard.

    While you make a good point, your info should be correct.

  3. Erica

    Hey Jim. Thank you for the note. I just did a quick search and it looks like we are both right. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is under the umbrella of the Department of Transporation. So that’s the sign I identified on site and spoke about on air. But had I looked closer, jumped out of the cab, what have you, I would have learned what you just told me. This building, at 800 Independence Ave, SW, is indeed the FAA. Thanks for pointing this out and I hope you come back to the site again.


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