Decade of the Underdog: Are Gay Rights Next?

Last Friday my iPhone made the usual buzz from the back of my desk. I had a hunch it was a New York Times Mobile Alert because those are the only text I get during the day. I know, such a tool.

In any case, the Mobile Alert was a sore subject. I joked the day before that the Times was beginning to abuse their text privileges. It seemed every afternoon I got another “breaking news,” alert. Or should I say, a 200 character doomsday report.

But this day was different and my fingers found a different notice of news. Iowa had struck down an amendment to ban gay marriage. It was huge.

ia-gay-marriage-04-06-09According to a spokesperson for Lambda Legal, a national gay rights activist group, Iowa was the perfect first move in a strategic game to start winning states over – one by one.

“There is a tradition of independence and willingness to stand up on issues of fairness [in Iowa],” Jennifer C. Pizer, marriage project director for Lambda Legal told the New York Times.

Another advocacy group that no doubt took this ruling as a stripe in the win column is Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD).

If you remember, (which I didn’t but Google is great), Massachusetts voted to allow same-sex marriage in 2004. After that 26 states turned the other way and approved Constitutional bans on the same thing. With the passage of Prop 8 that banned gay marriage in California last November, it seemed the voters were sending a message. Not Yet.

But with the win of Iowa and a strategy to win six more states by 2012, it just might be the decade of the underdog.

5 thoughts on “Decade of the Underdog: Are Gay Rights Next?

  1. Brett Borders

    I think it will be hard for gay marriage to gain mainstream acceptance. It seems like there are too many people who are open to gay rights and tolerance, but are pretty conservative when it comes to the world ‘marriage.’

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  3. Jaime McLeod

    We’ve got a gay marriage bill on the floor of the state legislature, here in Maine. There is a public hearing at the end of this month. I’m thinking about filming it. A friend who works at the state majority office says most of her Reps, – all Democrats – are 100% behind it. Here’s hoping …


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